Maisie is strongly committed to the reform and development of the criminal justice system, and has worked within the system for many years. She is Chief executive and co-founder of Sing Inside, a national charity providing singing workshops in prisons across England and Wales. Maisie leads an executive team and three local hubs to deliver work to 28 prisons, and after delivering over 1000 CDs to prisons during the Covid-19 pandemic Maisie co-ordinated Sing Inside's return to prisons in Autumn 2021. Her role includes workshop delivery, but also governance, fundraising and setting business direction, as well as working closely with prison governors to provide singing in more prisons every year.

Speaking at a Sing Inside fundraiser in 2016

Sing Inside workshops provide a non-judgemental space in which singing can be freely enjoyed, in a context which is highly punitive and where individuals are hyper-assessed.  The workshops inspire hope, creativity and aspiration, and build connections between people which go beyond prison walls. ou can find out more on their website, sign up to their mailing list, or follow them on Twitter @SingInsideUK. You can also email Maisie with queries or connections.

Maisie also conducts a wide range of outreach in her career, using music to build relationships and trust between individuals, and encouraging increased self-confidence and capacity to collaborate. She is an experienced teacher, particularly enjoying beginner piano teaching, and has also worked on introducing children with severe learning difficulties and blindness to music. If you are interested in booking Maisie to deliver a workshop or project please get in touch.