Maisie is a committed musical educator. She co-founded and is Chief executive of charity Sing Inside, an organisation taking singing workshops into prisons across the UK. She oversees the expansion and development of the organisation, pursuing and building relationships with prisons all over the UK. She also manages fundraising, day-to-day administration, and the training and recruiting of volunteers. 

Sing Inside workshops form creatively and socially liberating spaces, in which those who live in prisons and external volunteers build a performance together. Sing Inside workshops challenge stereotypes about prison communities and encourage a non-judgemental perspective towards ex-offenders.

Maisie uses music to build relationships and trust between individuals, encouraging increased self-confidence and capacity to collaborate. She is an experienced teacher, particularly enjoying beginner piano teaching, and has also worked on introducing children with severe learning difficulties and blindness to music.

Speaking at a Sing Inside fundraiser in 2016

Sing Inside are always looking for volunteers and support from potential donors or fundraisers. You can find out more on their website, sign up to their mailing list, or follow them on Twitter @SingInsideUK. You can also email Maisie with queries or connections.

Mobile: 07581482238

Email: maisiehulbert@gmail.com

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